Weimaraners should not be confused with other gundogs. They are not like Spaniels , Setters or Retrievers.

Whilst they enjoy the same kind temperament associated with the gundog group, they are not a breed that accepts a lack of attention.

If you have a busy lifestyle or a young demanding family then they are probably not the breed for you.

They are an active dog in both mind and body, they require training usually with specialist  help

They also when fully grown can require a large amount of exercise

If owners work then Weimaraners left for periods without adequate stimulation will most certainly develop anti-social behaviour.

 This can take the form of serious damage to your property or to problems with your neighbours,

for they are persistent in voicing their disapproval

Puppy Yawning
Feebie as a puppy digging
Feebie as a puppy leaping in the air

Of course if you are committed and work hard at your training, taking help as required

Then you could be one of those lucky people who can share their life in harmony with the Weimaraner.

From experience I can tell you that you will have no greater friend, companion or

receive such loyalty from anyone or anything in your lifetime.



Ryanstock Weimaraners