Training is a vital part of the development of any Weimaraner and this should begin as soon as the puppy arrives home.

Just making the dog sit and wait for it’s food is a valuable lesson, or recalling it and offering a reward could be an important first step.

Weimaraners need routine and they need to understand your normal family routine and where they fit in that family structure.

They will learn quickly and before too long you may feel that they are doing all that you ask of them.

Do not fall into that trap of believing that they do not need training.

Understand that what they are doing at present is lulling you into a false sense of security.

They are only doing these things because THEY want to do them.

When they get to their adolescent period at around 14 months of age and they weigh about 80lb they feel much stronger.

This is when they decide that they no longer want to play your games and they are challenging you to make them do things.

Do not permit this to happen, rather take them to training classes at around 5 -6 months of age.

Teach them a proper command and ensure the proper response to that command.

If you learn to give the commands correctly then they will respect you for that and will respond accordingly.

It makes life easier in the long run to win their respect by out thinking them.

Weimaraners have a strong character and are very determined, they can also be very frustrating.

So persevere with your training and be patient, never try to be physical or beat your Weimaraner.

This is a breed that is capable of working in the Shooting Field, Working Trials ( Police Work), Agility, Obedience and any discipline where intelligence is required.

If you cannot teach the breed the basics that you require there are plenty of people who can, so never be afraid to ask for help.




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