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The Weimaraner is a member of the Hunt, Point, Retrieve, group of gundogs.

Their role in the shooting field is dual purpose.

Not only do they scent and find game

But they then hold a staunch point to indicate it’s presence.

They will flush on command and remain steady to shot, when trained.

Completing their task by retrieving the shot game

From both land and water.

They are bold and dedicated at their work.

Not a fast worker but very thorough in their investigations.

 A loyal companion, they can be protective of the family.


Welcome to the Ryanstock Information website. This site is for those interested in Weimaraners and would like to find out more about the breed.

This site will evolve and whilst providing basic information now, it will also provide updated and ongoing information about the breed.

We hope that you enjoy the site and that you find answers to some of your questions.

Please proceed carefully before purchasing this lovely breed. They are not for everyone as they can be very willful and are strong in character.

They can also be very rewarding for those who have the time and commitment to train them properly.

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